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Building a Monitoring Pipeline For Directus

I had the privilege of crafting a guest article for Directus last month. Directus advertises itself to be "The backend to build anything or everything". At first glance, the application appears to be a powerhouse DB admin interface. It dynamically generates REST and GraphQL endpoints for every table, boasting robust features such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and authentication, including Single Sign-On (SSO). If that were the extent of it, it would be like Hasura; however, Directus extends beyond these capabilities, offering nearly endless possibilities to extend the application and the api.

I began adopting Directus extensively at work, using it as a central hub to access data from other systems. Consequently, it became crucial to formulate a strategy for monitoring the application's processes. To explore how this can be achieved without relying on any third-party tools, you can read the complete post on Directus' guest blog: Building a Monitoring Pipeline For Flows And Extensions.