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Spices & Code

About Me #

Welcome to my blog! I'm Daniel, a software engineer on an endless quest for knowledge.

During my young career, since I graduated in 2014, I've worked in various areas of the software industry:

In 2019, I took one year off work(I made it to 10 months, thank you, COVID) to travel, where I met my lovely now wife and appreciation for Vietnamese food.

This isn't a cooking blog, though. As spices improve food, I want to sweeten life and work through overlooked topics. Of course, there will be some coding too.

I spent most of my work life in small to tiny organisations. While it's a struggle sometimes, the dynamic and velocity keep me excited. The setting is not for everyone; you have to find your place. Maybe even reinvent yourself.

Granted, I might not work with shiny hyperscaling Kubernetes clusters consisting of hundreds of VMs. However, I still approach each situation with a careful evaluation of the options, preferring straightforward approaches where possible. Nonetheless, I remain open to leveraging more sophisticated solutions when they align with the requirements.

Regarding human interaction, I value transparent communication and prefer a no over a dishonest yes. Hiding true intention causes too many issues and can lead to fatal outcomes.

I'll hope you enjoy reading!

Got anything to share? You can reach out via email